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Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Join us for this important 90-minute workshop designed to help you make the most of your network, and turn your LinkedIn connections into a valuable resource for your current and future job searches.

Creating a Competitive Advantage through Networking Referrals Workshop

Special Guest:
Robert Rosell, discussing his own "Metric Macro Program" tool facilitating a new approach to navigating LinkedIn.

A referral can be one of the best ways to ensure either that your employment search or business gets the right sponsorship with new potential employers or end consumers. When someone refers you to a new potential employer or client, you are far more likely to get interviews or call backs with such leads. When you can obtain a referral, you automatically give yourself an advantage over your competition.

The people who should attend the Competitive Advantage through Referral Networking workshop are those that want to leverage landing clients or jobs through contacts they make via networking.

In most cases, the effective networking efforts involve the process of creating internal advocates within a targeted company or organization. It takes a well-defined process to know who to target, how to engage them and the kind of communicates it takes to earn their interest in helping folks in their career endeavors.

During this program, we will discuss:

  • Why Referrals are Important
  • How to create clarity in establishing Referral Objectives
  • The identification and validation of Referral candidates
  • How to effectively request a Referral

    Here are the takeaways we will cover during the presentation:
  • The importance of having job referrals as a key part of your job search.
  • The steps in preparing to search, find and select job referrals.
  • How to get an internal sponsor to help your cause.
  • How to write effective introduction messages.
  • What to say and do with targeted individuals in face-to-face new networking conversations.

    WHEN: Wednesday, June 22, 2022

    TIME: 1:00 - 2:30 PM (Central Time)

    COST: Free

    About Bob Rosell: About Bob Rosell: Bob Rosell has performed Project Management and Software Quality Assurance roles and on several multi-year projects. He has founded the Social Media Emotional Intelligence (SMEI) to focus on Referrals. Bob is the Analytics Director for the Project Management Institute (PMI) Chicagoland Chapter and a Regional Training Lead for the American Red Cross. Bob has helped place individuals through sponsored referrals, as well as shorten the transition time for people either looking for new business or work. More detail about Bob Rosell can be found on LinkedIn

    Please pre-register for the event and we will provide you with a zoom session number. In order to make this a meaningful workshop with ample time for Q&A, space is limited, so register now.

    Please let us know if you have any questions, or call 847-940-2800

    Scott Kane
    Gray Hair Management, LLC
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    Coaching, Marketing, and Personal Touch Networking

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