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Helping the professional win the job race through coaching, marketing and personal - touch networking
  • Having difficulty articulating your value and currency to a prospective employer?
  • Need help in capitalizing on networking opportunities?
  • Having little success in getting interviews, or if interviewing, just not winning the job?
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Corporate Services

Providing a solution to your problem…

Whether your organization is required to downsize, rightsize, outsource, merge or even close its doors, Gray Hair Management can help your company by...

  • Quickly, professionally, successfully and economically move senior managers into job transition,
  • Reducing immediate tensions,
  • Helping minimize negative feedback and,
  • Demonstrating a high degree of corporate sensitivity and professionalism.

Gray Hair Management will help your senior level managers "Win the Job Race" for a new opportunity through professional coaching, mentoring and networking.

With more than 5,000 current global network members, Gray Hair Management's comprehensive, personalized one-on-one approach, together with years of real-world business experience, has contributed to a proven record of senior management career successes and professional growth while providing support and recognized benefits to our corporate partners.

The Gray Hair Management (GHM) differentiation is not just what we do, but how we do it.

Our Program For Success

Our Program for Successfully Transitioning Senior Executives...

GHM has developed a comprehensive and proven process that facilitates the transition challenges that your executive will face as they undertake a career change. This unique program is Pathways Through Transitionsm.

Pathways Through Transitionsm is designed and customized for each of your senior level managers. Working with each of them on a face-to-face, personalized basis, we complete an executive assessment, define strategies and develop practical tactics to get that next job NOW.

GHM provides the support to help them construct a "Personal Business Plan" that outlines professional goals and objectives. This comprehensive and targeted campaign is aimed at quickly winning better opportunities for long-term career achievement and satisfaction.

With our assistance, they maintain complete control of this process. Based on personal needs, some executives make significant career adjustments, while others continue their career path in a similar position or industry. Still others consult, acquire or start their own business. Wherever they choose to go, we can help them get there.

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Winning The Job Race Book by Scott Kane and Jack HeydenJack Heyden and Scott Kane are executives with over 60 years of combined experience who, in early 2000, were out of work, did not know each other and who were forced to reinvent themselves to survive in the 21st Century workforce.

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