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I've officially landed a great opportunity and really appreciate all of the help I received from Gray Hair Management.

Karla T.

Thank you for your help – I think it has been a game changer.  Apparently, I leapfrogged the other candidates during the interview.

John R.

This morning’s session makes you and the Gray Hair Management team SUPERSTARS!! I already know that the professionalism of tone, language and intent in the documents will make an easier journey for me.

Chenai O.

Your cover letter format has been awesome. I'm getting a 100% response rate using your template and customizing it.

Danielle G

Thanks for your guidance and patience and assisting me through my transition - your Pathways Through Transition Program really works, and I will vouch for that any day.

Thomas G.
I owe this new position to you for your superb Executive Coaching program, “Pathways Through Transition,” and continued support.

Terry M.
The path I decided to follow was the full coaching, mentoring and networking services that GHM offered, Pathways Through Transition. I found it to be invaluable in terms of job coaching, strategy, negotiation, and the search process.

Jeffrey M.
Jack has been my coach, supporter and trusted expert advisor.  I want to thank Scott, Jeff and Zeno for their input and guidance.  It not only takes a village to raise a child; it takes a community to find the next opportunity.

Deborah N.
GHM has unleashed my ability to network effectively and market my unique skills. I believe in the GHM Pathways process. It has worked for me and I believe it will continue to work for me throughout my career.

Charlie S.
My preparation from the Gray Hair Pathways coaching process with Jack Heyden and you were instrumental in providing the tools to make successful presentation of my skills and closing the deal with the company’s senior management,

Bruce J.
As a Gray Hair Management client, the hours we invested in my resume really paid off---the CEO here said that it was the most effective he had ever seen, and sent a copy to his son as a good example. 

Christy B.
It took a long time from start to finish, but without the support of Jack and Scott, I sincerely do not believe I'd be smiling now with a new opportunity.  The Gray Hair Pathways Program helped me shape my personal business plan along with my sense of self and the result is my creating my future with this new venture.

Ralph S.
My Gray Hair Pathways Resume evolved into a powerful document that let prospective employers KNOW that I was an action oriented fellow who focused hard on fixing their business problems. I had never had a resume like that before.  Thank you GHM

Glen S.
It was with the encouragement of Jack, Scott, Jeff, Zeno other friends and family that I pursued a purchase over employment.  It was through contacts provided by Jack and Scott that I was introduced to the seller, the attorney and the accountant that I hired.

Norm W.
I want both of you to know that I truly value your guidance as a Gray Hair Pathways Client, and as Jack stated, "his job, the job of GHM, is not over once I take a position." I look forward to completing the steps in the process we began over 4 months ago and to your advice as I continue my career at OMC.

Raymond H.
Even though I have a history of fairly frequent job moves, I have to extend a note of appreciation to GHM, Deb Berger and the Pathways Program for helping me land my new position as a Commodity Manager with Motor Coach Industries.
Gary M.

 I would be remiss if I didn't credit your book Winning the Job Race-Pathways Through Transition that guided me through the logical steps of self assessment and preparation to secure a new job.  It had the most consistent information when aligned with questions recruiters and interviewers ask.  I also need to credit the daily GHM emails as a great source of information in many areas.  They alerted me to tax break information, interview techniques, 15 myths of employment and coaching to name a few.  Naturally, they also allowed me to consider new jobs locally and out of state. 
Gregory S.

Scott, thanks to your organization for all of your valuable help in my landing my new job.  Your suggestions for cover letters and thank you notes helped me immensely.
Candace K.

The emails I have received from Gray Hair Management over the past several years have been a great encouragement, and I want to thank you for them.

Cheryl O.
Gray Hair Management and the Pathways Program provided solid advice, numerous contacts and the emotional and professional support that helped me land on my feet.
Pat H.

Joining GHM is probably the single biggest door I opened for myself [in my job search].

Deb M.
My membership in GHM was a key component in helping me get through this transition.
Jim L.

So many thanks to Scott, Jack and the rest of the GHM team for your career coaching, Pathways Through Transition and networking help - I could not have made this change without it!
Eric H.

My transition was helped significantly by Gray Hair Management, the people who have helped me network, and by their Pathways Through Transition Program.  Special thanks to Jack Heyden who has been a great help. 
Jim C.

Thank you for helping me learn how to be a networker. It is a skill that I will carry forward for the rest of my life.

Ed S.

I read Pathways Through Transition. On the third reading, it freed me to look at my world in a new and most wonderful way.  As a result, I have landed in a place I was not even considering. I have opened my own consulting business and am amazed as to how much business I have already gotten.
Eli P.

I have been enjoying the various types of suppport GHM provides and wanted to take time to acknowledge how helpful the daily emails, 'Pathways', talking with and meeting GHM staff, etc. have been.  GHM is helping me stay focused and improve as I try to land my next position!

Kevin B.

The GHM concept works and I will continue to recommend it to all my friends and business associates.
David P.

GHM provides a valuable service that I sincerely recommend to everyone. I have received a great deal of value from the essays and articles that are routinely distributed via the GHM Extras.  The resume tips in particular were extremely powerful . . . in fact, not only did they help me drastically improve my own resume, I also ended up combining much of the advice/wisdom to create my own set of guidelines for the DePaul MBA students I taught this summer.

Courtney H.
All the advice I gleaned from GHM and its member postings helped me get this new job.  So, GHM gets a "Thank you" for supporting me.
Tom R.

The Pathways Through Transition Program is worth every penny.  The exercises and discipline that GHM taught me are priceless.
Mack K.

The Pathways Through Transition Program helped me develop a discipline that will never be forgotten. 
Rick B.

I applaud GHM for the services and assistance you provide those looking for new opportunities.  I have met many wonderful people through the Gray Hair network. 
Deb D.

I attended my first networking session last night in Oak Brook.  Out of all the free job search networking meetingsI have attended over the years, this was the most meaningful to me.  All serious people with common interests. 
Bob G.

I attended my first GHM meeting in St. Louis today, and how impressed I was with not only the content of the meeting but with the facilitator as well.  Charley Scarlett was entertaining, factual, candid and quite insightful which put everyone at ease.  In short, it was a very valuable and forward-moving investment of time.  You’ve developed a great team/concept and should be proud of the result. 
Brad F.

GHM consistently provided more quality leads than any other source I found. Keep up the good work!
Tim K.

I want to say thank you very much to the both of you because I just placed a CFO whom I met at one of your networking breakfasts.  I have met some interesting and talented people at the Gray Hair Management events and will continue to attend.
Morgan N.

Coaching from Jack Hayden was extremely useful, and the content of the Pathways Through Transition book made interviewing a breeze. 
Mark P.

The friendships I have acquired while networking among all of you are priceless, as is the phenomenal support provided by Gray Hair Management.
Marne B.

After all the work preparing my marketing materials and  networking as I went through the GHM Pathways Through Transition program, it is great to be working and contributing to a company's success again. I want to thank you for all your help and advice over the past several months serving as my coach.  I am especially greatful for you instilling the confidence in me to realize that my past accomplishments were such that I could (and did) successfully compete against other executives to get a great opportunity with United Healthcare.

John P.
I appreciate your coaching and all your networking tips as I went through the GHM Pathways Through Transition program   Networking did it.  I landed this job as a result of meeting a person at a GHM networking breakfast...
Duane T.

I recommend the Pathways Through Transition program to anyone who wants to reposition themselves in this rapidly changing market. 

Hugh M.

Thanks for introducing me to GHM when I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Your "Pathways Through Transition" program is terrific.
Jeff M.

Your site and your network have kept me encouraged, informed and energized through two job searches. You're the best. Thx,

Don W.

I will be starting my new job this week.  GHM has been great, and if  I lose my job again, I now know to call you guys first to get things rolling.  GHM has a very robust program with Pathways.  I will spread the word.
Mark P.

Of the all the groups I have encountered in this job search  - GHM rises to the top! 
Debra D.

The GHM Pathways Through Transition coaching program was definitely a factor in this landing which started with good networking.
Jeff R.

Winning the Job Race- Pathways Through Transition Program is a must. The cost for this program is priceless in my opinion.
Ira R.

As a GHM Pathways client, thanks for all your, Zeno and Pam's help. One of the Board members of the company that hired me commented that his attention was drawn by the piece on my handbill that refers to " Review existing goals and uncover the best opportunities to grow the business."   You were right!
John C.

I got a job using the Pathways mailing campaign you helped me put together.  Kudos to GHM and thanks for your help.
Gerri S.

I think Gray Hair Management is a terrific web site and program.  I was just starting to take advantage of your networking meetings when this opportunity came along.  I feel very fortunate to be employed again and I am willing to help any current GHM members that I can.
Curt H.

The preparations your team established for me allowed me to successfully complete 2 phone screens, 21 face to face interviews, 4 psychological battery tests and an evaluation from a company retained psychologist.  I would not have been able to complete this process without the GHM Pathways program and your team.
Rick J.

Thoroughly, my new position couldn't be achieved at the age of 64 without your Pathways Program,  continued support, and suggestions. I have set an example, and hope for younger friends and family that are transitioning that, yes there are opportunities, all you need is to have hope, try look for it until you get it.

Abbas H.

I really appreciate all the work GHM has done for me, especially the Pathways branding - "Compliance Coach".

Carl B. 

Prior to working with you my job search was not producing the results I was looking for. Your Pathways team’s help on resume writing, strengths assessment and interviewing technique has made a big difference.


No doubt the Gray Hair Management coaching program has been an important part of my business life growth and refinement.

Reid G.

It has been twice that I used your services and both have been a fast and useful result. 

 Lucia T


I would like to thank you for your help in my career search. I as able to land a Staff Accountant position. Your resume review and coaching was a great help in preparing me for the position.

Paul S.

Thank you very much! The help you and the team provide is invaluable.

Jeff R.

Scott has a nice, simple format with impactful bullet points of enumerated achievements.  I was getting no responses to my applications before the GHM Pathways Program was recommended to me. 

Margaret V.

I am so indebted to Gray Hair Management and the Pathways Program for getting me on the right track leading me to my current employment (I love my new job by the way!). Thank you for all your efforts this past year and thank you for helping make people.

Maureen M.

Here's some more good news!  Another request for an initial interview. Thanks sooo much for the resume rewrite.  It seems to be working!

Dan P.

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